When do you need outside assistance?

  1. The time and talents are not available in house to solve the problem.
  2. The true state of affairs can be determined only by the objective examination of someone not involved in the daily operations.
  3. Management has already tried and failed, to solve the problem.
  4. Unfamiliarity among management with the specialized field.
  5. A desire for fresh ideas or new techniques.
  6. A conflict of views within the organization.
  7. Too little time to evaluate competitive strengths and weaknesses in current and potential markets.


We believe in straight talk, candid coaching and consulting with our clients. We never hide the facts, regulations and processes.  We work with you as a loyal member of your team and do everything in our power to assist you to grow sales, decrease costs, solve problems and maintain quality in services and products.

Steven Covey stated "the value of any week is not limited to what we do in it; it's also in what we learn from it and become as a result of it.  For this reason, no week's experience would be complete without some kind of evaluation that enables us to process it.  As we organize, act, evaluate...organize, act, evaluate... and organize, act and evaluate again, our weeks become repeated cycles of learning and growth."

We believe in coaching our clients to become adaptive and resilient organizations.  Part of our services are to help put the systems in place for continuous learning, to foster innovation, creativity and inspiration so our clients and their people can grow and prosper.


We work with you as a partner to help achieve your goals on every project, large or small. We are a full service research, management and financial consulting firm that can review all aspects of your business. We deliver both research and consulting services, our analysts principally offer independent advice and research to four groups of customers:  To businesses that use, or invest capital in, technology-based and consumer products and services and to the public sector organizations that buy from, regulate or support the businesses. 

We find that the most likely place we can help make an immediate impact for 
a client is resolving internal disputes, loss of focus or in tax savings, lowering vendor costs and increasing the value of their cash flows and capital.  This can include an internal audit of the plans or the setting up of the proper mechanism or legal structure to make sure the plans are in compliance with the appropriate Federal, State or IRS code.

We analyze plans, financial products and insurance from which we can make recommendations that you or your other advisers can implement.

From our initial discussions we will share with you our understanding of your situation.  We then present a few ideas, concepts and opinions from our review.  If from our discussions we both see there is a need for our services, we will mutually come to an agreement on the assigned tasks, action plan, deliverables and the terms and remuneration for our services.

The tasks involved often include analyses, audits and research to compile the appropriate information necessary to present what is going on in your company, the problems and opportunities;  a picture of  the financial and operational health of your company.


Having worked for and with many different companies from start ups to Fortune 500, we are often in a position to know a wide variety of successful strategies.

By staying current on the latest research and exposure to the many processes and practices of other organizations we can often suggest unique ideas.

We have access to a network of many contacts such as vendors, customers and financial institutions different from that of most corporate executives that may be helpful to your company.

We also have experience in nurturing companies through the marketing and international process including securing importation and exportation of products and services.

We will bring to you factual information of different business practices, regulations and processes used by industry internationally.

No successful consultant will ever have the same experience twice.  The practitioner learns from virtually every assignment, and that learning is carried to the next assignment and the next client to enhance the value-added  still further.