Mr. Attridge

Entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, data scientist, microbiologist, investigative reporter and author. A team member executing technology transfer, sales, acquisition and partnership deals internationally.
Providing key information and ideas so teams understand, quantify and maximize the value derived from innovation and intellectual property and the formulation of a strategy. Assisting development teams to discover opportunities and risks in technology investment, business development and intellectual property transactions.

He has an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies in health care, biotechnology, energy, medical equipment and information systems including most financial analytics, administrative processes and compliance.His teams develop policy, designing feasible business models and concepts, including the execution of technology commercialization and business development projects in the following industries: biotechnology, communications, computer, consumer products, energy, retail, entertainment, food and beverage, hospital, hospitality, medical, medical equipment and software. He has held leadership roles working for public and private corporations.